Friday, May 15, 2009

So...some things

Some things I would love to get done this weekend:

- clean floors in bathrooms & kitchen
- clean up our flowerbeds and get them ready for planting!
- vacuum the goldfish on the floor in the Daughters' bedroom
- organize my art supplies (completely inspired by this)
- go on a run
- finish some baby onesies for sistes in the ward
- do a little (or a lot) of blogging
- catch up on this
- have a great conversation with someone I love talking to

Wishing you all a happy weekend. May all of your lists be completed!


Lexi said...

LISTS!? I can't believe you have time to make lists. Good for you!

Meg said...

lists are my sanity!
making them is one thing.
actually doing the things on the list is another. we'll see if i have time for that...

Autumn said...

Oh how I've missed your lists! They inspire me to make some of my own. Good to see you blogging again Megan. :o)