Monday, May 18, 2009


Letter E!
Spong Painted and Cookie Cutter Stamped E

since we only have one "E" cookie cutter, the sponge painting allowed both kids to paint at the same time.

E is for Earth
1. color in Earth

2. cut out and glue Earth in "outer space"

3. wear cutout paper as necklace :)

4. display!

E is for Elephant
Elephant Stencils & Rub Tiles

First Daughter's

Second Daughter's

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Tami Kate said...

E is also for EVANS. Adam and I should have had a party with your girls. I must admit that I am kinda hoping I can be as great of a mom as you are. :) And on those clothes...I am always open :) I mean I am sure you know how cute I feel and how nothing fits.